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DFS Marketing consults with the most successful lead generation resources in the nation. Each month, we evaluate new opportunities that have proven to drive new prospects to your practice. Continuous marketing is the first step in building consistently increasing revenues and a hallmark of every top producer we serve. Avoid the common mistakes and take advantage of our detailed research. As we work together, our team will be able to help match your personality and practice to proven approaches that play to your strengths so that you may maximize your results. The most successful lead generation resources in the nation.


The goal of every lead system is a face-to -face meeting with a new client. This system begins with a face-to-face meeting! This campaign is based on a unique mailer. For best results, mail 5,000 pieces.


All response calls are archived on your personal web account so you can listen to each and every appointment. Appointments are set based on what you are looking for. You will choose the minimum investible assets for prequalifying the prospect.


We have found that these clients are less likely to attend a seminar or workshop. They prefer the personal approach. This opens a new client base to you. You will even receive a list of every call-in including those who have less than the minimum investable assets to qualify for the face-to-face meeting. Use these opportunities to fill in the gaps in your schedule. Don’t let anything slip by.


Expect between 10-15 appointments and average sales over $200,000. These folks will definitely have money because the purpose of the meeting is to see if you can help them position their finances for greater success in the future.


Intensely scrubbed and constantly updated lists bring better results. By cross referencing bi-weekly between the leading list sources in the nation, we connect you to the best. Our program targets higher quality prospects to attend your event which yields higher appointment ratios.


Our proven messaging is current and relevant to today’s economy. Stop relying on stale messaging and move into high impact marketing that draws from the concerns people have right now. Then, watch your workshop fill up!


Through proper coordination, your event will be free from identical competition.


We have several highly successful and winning workshops (including handouts) you can choose from. Instant training is available whenever you are ready. Just ask!

401 (k) Magic

There are trillions of dollars in 401(k) accounts throughout the nation.

Get in front of an untapped market of people aged 40-55, with incomes of over 100k and own their own houses. These people have income and assets and want to create a legacy and financial stability for themselves and their children.

This may be the perfect supplement to your workshops and other marketing activities.


Each day, nearly 10,000 people become eligible for Social Security benefits and what they don’t know will hurt them. Strategically pull responses from people between the age of 60 and 66. This is the perfect client base ready to learn about eliminating volatility, keeping more of their benefits and planning their future retirement income. Tap into this opportunity with minimal effort.

There are many more opportunities and exclusive niche marketing game changers we can connect you with. Contact our Business Development Team for more information.


Our exclusively created mailers drive people to the ROTH IRA opportunity to explore if it is advantageous to make the leap into a tax-free world. Clients responding to this piece have substantial assets in qualified money and typically earn high incomes. They are motivated to find a legal way to reduce their current and future tax exposure.


Combine this with our ROTH IRA workshop and one-of-a-kind conversion calculator and you are well on your way to lucrative large transactions.


Advisors using these professionally written and designed advertising pieces have loaded their practice with new prospects who are ready to get out of the excessive tax environment and jump into a tax-free universe. Our newspaper and direct mail ads even include a designs for one-on-one appointments!


Build a big data base! Innovative producers have made the move to this high response approach that allows you to rapidly build a data base. Think of this business as a lead generation program that pays for itself. This is great for covering a basic need everyone has, establish the relationship and then go deeper to find other problems you can solve. If you are trying to build your agency with a junior agent, use this to get the ball rolling.


  • Do you think tax payers are fed up?
  • Are investors tired of volatility?
  • Or are they worn out on low growth?
  • Are people concerned about covering the high costs of Long Term Care, Critical Illness, etc.?

This mailer may just be the ticket for you!
Call DFS Marketing to Learn more! 855-740-3140

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