How do you generate life insurance leads?

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How do you generate life insurance leads?

Selling insurance products comes with its own unique set of lead generation challenges, not least among them the fact that prospects are either

a) reluctant to admit they need what you’re selling, as is often the case with life insurance products


b) afraid to plan for one of their own looming obstacles, namely, how they will fund their retirement.

All of this is why, year after year, advisors name lead generation as the No. 1 issue that can make or break a practice. It takes creativity to overcome this barrier, especially with the threat of competition emerging from non-traditional channels.

How to do it?

To stay in the competition you need to become partners with trusted insurance marketing organizations. Not all the Insurance Marketing organizations know how to generate leads. There are a few IMOs that help insurance agents and financial advisors with lead generation and book more appointments with clients.

DFS Marketing has been ahead of the game with lead generation and scheduling appointments for independent insurance agents.

To learn more, please call 855–740–3140 or visit

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