Benefits of a ForeCare fixed annuity

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You may have money set aside in savings or investments to self-fund your long-term care costs, but you may sacrifice growth opportunities or risk exposure to equity market volatility. Many people turn to traditional long term care insurance; however, if you do not use the coverage, you lose the money and it can be quite costly.

What you need is a strategy that:

  • Offers growth potential
  • Maximizes your long-term care dollars
  • Allows you to pass on unused funds to your beneficiaries

You need ForeCare, an innovative fixed annuity with long-term care benefits that provides a multiple of your contract value for qualified long-term care expenses.

Because ForeCare is a fixed annuity you can participate in both protection and accumulation benefits:

  • The interest crediting is guaranteed to never drop below 1%
  • The growth of your contract value is tax-deferred
  • You don’t risk equity exposure

Unlike a traditional long-term care product, with ForeCare any contract value not used for long-term care expenses can be passed to your beneficiaries as a death benefit. However, there is a monthly cost associated with the long-term care benefits rider, which is based on the insured’s issue age.

ForeCare also offers other unique benefits.


  • Principal protection – Your contract value at monthend is never reduced below the contract value at the prior month-end (less any applicable withdrawals) due to the cost for the long-term care benefits rider.
  • Tax advantages – Qualified long-term care withdrawals are typically federal income tax-free and your contract growth is tax-deferred.
  • 2x/3x coverage – Provides double or triple the amount of the contract value for qualified long-term care expenses.

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